A Letter has been Recieved

Juice a posted 19 hours ago  -  craftiancrusadeserverupdate

A letter was recieved by the King on Craftian Crusade yesterday; 


It reads;


My Lord,

It is with great regret that I must inform you that our northern wall has been breached. Men in longboats came in large numbers and wiped out nearly all the towns along the wall. They stood 7 foot tall and chanted words never spoken in our lands. As I write this they approach our camp. I fear we may be in grave danger. 


Robin, North Gate Captain


I fear the worst may have occured to Robin and the North Gate. I beleive a great evil may be among us. We are working to have everything fully functional in a few days, but what may be there when we return. 

Merry Christmas! Santa came this year bringing us Pixelmon 3.3.8! It features a couple of new Pokemon, including the brand new legendary, Celebi! The server has been updated to this version, hope to see you guys online. omegaruby.us

zekrom916 Hrere comes Celebi
DragonForce0098 This juiceville
The whitelist has been taken off! The server is now officially in betaish version! There is still lots to be done, but now you all can come on and enjoy what we have so far! Hope to see you there; omegaruby.us

SsperaxGamer Its 3.7.8
Fishtaco117 its 3.7.8
lfryback what version of pixelmon is it?
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