So over the past few weeks we have all been patiently been waiting for the 1.8 to spigot. That update finally came and the server has been updated accordingly. Currently this is purely a Minecraft functionality update, with no new features outside of the vanilla ones being added. Although, in the coming weeks we hope to transform the servers economy into and offer a whole new plethora of PvP options. Hope to see you guys there;
With the recent re-release of our Pixelmon: Omega Ruby server, we have also released Beta access! You can purchase it by clicking on the store tab, or here. This will mature into a full donor rank worth $15 (saving you $5!) once the server is fully released to the public! We hope to see you guys online. 
4mateoc311 Can I be added to the server? I left it once but that was because of my group falling apart and losing 3 pokemon. But af ...

Website Changes

Juice a posted Aug 23, 14
Over the next few days you all should be noticing some changes on the website. We hope to create some greater integration between the servers and website itself, as well as revamping the store a bit. In the future you should see some more events and more players on the server!
Madrigal_1 I guess I thought we could use a Christmas theme already. My design skills just went "I AM THE HYPE" and went ...
wizfin11 It's awesome! I guess I missed a lot while I was gone though, so I'll catch up!
KingFlame183 Looks great!
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