So the time has come and we are adding Custom NPC's to the server! Custom NPC's will allow us to add new types of shops, and a whole quest line! This will replace the release of a gym this weekend, but in the future we should hopefully see lots of new things coming from this! 

Custom NPC's 1.7.10 Download:

zekrom916 I used to play this mod. Hey Juice u should add the MrCrayFish furniture mod someday.

The Release of Bonfire

Juice a posted Mar 1, 15  -  gymomega rubypixelmonupdate

So we have released our first NPC gym on Pixelmon: Omega Ruby and with it a number of other updates! 

First for the town; Bonfire. 

Bonfire is Team Magma's regional outpost. It a relatively new town, but growing. It holds a number of goodies for you guys to find and it headed by the Magma admin Courtney. 


  • The Team Magma gym leader: Courtney. 
  • A battle tower. Beat it to win a Porygon. 
  • A fire type training center, careful it is guarded by Ricky!
  • A nature changing station. Change the nature of one of your Pokemon. 
  • General store. Buy TM's and items. 
  • A secret black market seller. 
  • A number of magma grunts. 
  • A priest who sells the secrets of enchanting. 

Bonfire can be found at x: 1523, z: 2506 or by typing /warp bonfire. 

Now on to the other updates; 

After the release of Bonfire we plan to release another gym/town each following weekend for the forseeable future. In order to do this we will need a suitable build team. That is where you come in. We have set up an application: We are asking some of you guys to apply and recieve builder rank on the server. You will help us build towns for the rest to enjoy! 

That is all for now. This coming weekend look forward to another new town, with some more new features! 

NovaExorcist_ Great update!
MARINE_BRAT Ricky closes the connection when i use certain oikemon... i think. i switch into gyrados and it closes idk why
Cocobunny2121 Does this gym play "Knife Party - Bonfire" ...


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