Map Wipes, Updated to 4.0.6

Juice a posted Jul 7, 15  -  4.0.6PokeLegendsupdate

The map has been wiped and with that also some new things. 

Pixelmon updated to 4.0.6! 

You can find the new Pixelmon version here:

but also; NEW COMMANDS

There is also now access to a number of new commands including:




Hope to see you all on the new server! 

Fusionsword when is the server coming out o beta
xoxSoulxox I cant get in the sever same as my friend
TheBrokenSpaz588 i cant even get in...

So after a week or so of talk we have decided to official wipe the PokeLegends server, rather than create a long boring paragraph I decided to simply use the four Ws. 

What: A complete map wipe of PokeLegends, all Pokemon and items in your inventory will be saved.

When: Tonight at 12 AM (Midnight 7-6-2015 EST)

Where: PokeLegends main world 

Why: We have had an ongoing issue with crashing, this is our plan to solve it

If you have any further questions you can message me on Skype: juicehead3311 

zekrom916 LIAR its 8am est AND THERE IS NO WIPE U LIAR it was a prank
[BETA] Covertroy133 so what we want we have to put on our character

We have officially updated the Pixelmon PokeLegends SMP Season 2 Server to Pixelmon 4.0.5! Be sure to download Pixelmon 4.0.5 and Custom NPCs 1.8 Beta to be able to join! Here's a video I made on How to Install Pixelmon 4.0.5 for those of you having trouble!

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