So after many weeks of work we are finally setting up a hard release date for Pixelmon Z. On September 12th, 2015 the whitelist on Pixelmon Z will be removed. So what does this mean?

For New Users:         

Anyone joining new will be able to go through the map, battle the gyms, each other and explore the second world. We will be hosting some tournaments and things of that such for you guys to participate in. Your expereince will be very similar to the normal Pokemon games. 

For the who Bought Beta Access:

All of those who participated in our beta program will be justly rewarded. We will be creating a second world for you guys where you can build, train and start your own towns and gyms. This world will only be build-able by those in beta access, while normal users can walk around, but not actually edit anything. We will also be offering paid tournaments to you guys. Essentially tournaments with cash prizes. Finally all beta users will recieve free shinies and other loot. 

So mark your calendars, in the time between now and then we will be improving various things on the server and if you want to get involved don't hesistate to message us on Skype. 

Skype: juicehead3311

[BETA] Covertroy133 is this for everyone who got beta for pokelegends?

Back 2 School Sale!

Juice a posted Aug 28, 15  -  jurassicworldsale

In order to celebrate (or ease the pain of) going back to school we are introducing a back to school sale on the Jurassic World Beta Access. You can now get it for the low price of $3! 


So the Pokelegends server has been updated to Pixelmon 4.0.7! On top of this we have launched a sale in order to celebrate this release! 

As always you can buy whitelsit access on the store! 

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