Website Changes

Juice a posted Aug 23, 14
Over the next few days you all should be noticing some changes on the website. We hope to create some greater integration between the servers and website itself, as well as revamping the store a bit. In the future you should see some more events and more players on the server!
Madrigal_1 I guess I thought we could use a Christmas theme already. My design skills just went "I AM THE HYPE" and went ...
wizfin11 It's awesome! I guess I missed a lot while I was gone though, so I'll catch up!
KingFlame183 Looks great!

New CC and New IP's!

Juice a posted Jul 28, 14
As some of you have seen we have recently released the new CraftianCrusade! This time we went for almost straight factions (with events coming soon). We tried to make it as simple as possible and let you guys just jump into the fray. 

With that also another smaller update, we have updated some of the IP's! The old IP's still work, but you can now connect to the two servers with or

Hope to see you guys on the servers, :D
TheApollo15 Please Look At My Ban Appeal. ...

Towny be gone!

Juice a posted Jul 8, 14

So those of you who have logged onto the server today have realized Towny is gone! We have finally done away with it and moved entirely to HeroStronhold. To use the new plugin type /hs in game or reference here: We are still gonna tweak prices and things such as that, but isn't that the fun of being a beta tester? (yes we are technically still in beta.)

Now while on that topic I wanna talk about the future of the server in the coming weeks. I plan to complete finish the polish now that we are settling into a new plugin and begin finishing all of the half done features or those plugins which are just not yet used. If you have suggestions for features, plugins, events, etc; leave it in a comment to this post and if we use it you shalt be rewarded with a donor rank (depending on how good the idea is). 

p.s. i'm not dead 
burningsniper64 @ Craftian Crusade
I think we should use mcmmo. I think mcmmo is a good plugin for this server because this really helps people focus on th ...
JEC2012 Well I recomend making a Champion and elite four last server we never got them if thats alrdy a plan then nvm. (Same goe ...
ArthurplaysMC We were actually discussing how you were dead on the server today....
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